Ull Crann



Hand Made Art



The Ull Crann Pipe

18500 Mechanical

The Ull Crann mechanical Pipe is a piece of art of absolute quality. The body of the pipe is completely hand carved and hand finished.  I use stabilised wood, which is hard coated for a tough lasting finish. There are no wires or solder anywhere and every component is hand made from solid brass.

The Atomiser connector is 22mm... All Pipes come with a long Church Warden Stem and a short stem.

The Ull Crann Pipe

18650 Regulated

The regulated version of the Ull Crann is fitted with the latest Dicodes 60w chipset and the battery size is increased to 18650. As with the mechanical version, it is a hand carved device of the highest quality and is supplied with two stems... one short, and one very long.